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Tom Mroz

Professor    Ramsey Chair    

Ph.D., Stanford University


Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics,
Economic Demography


Thomas A. Mroz, Ph.D., Professor and Bernard B. and Eugenia A. Ramsey Chair of Private Enterprise in the Department of Economics, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University, is a health and labor economist whose research also encompasses economic demography, program evaluation, transition economics, and applied econometrics. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1984. He was a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago, in the Department of Economics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and in the John E. Walker Department of Economics at Clemson University before joining the Georgia State University.  His research focuses on the estimation of behavioral responses of individuals to changes in their social, health and economic environments. He has studied the economic determinants of diets in China and Russia and explored the importance of family planning programs for reducing fertility in Tanzania. Recent publications include evaluations of the impacts of Mexico’s Oportunidades program on contraceptive use and the presence of skilled attendants at births, an examination of the impacts of parent’s compensatory behaviors on child health outcomes in the Philippines, and a study of how parents make decisions about where to live and how much to work and the impacts of these decisions have on their children’s intellectual development. He has developed econometric models for the estimation of the impacts of household behaviors on dynamic health and fertility processes, with a special emphasis on controlling for the impacts of unobservable (to the researcher) determinants of these processes and incomplete information about state variables in the dynamic processes.